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How will you spend your summer?

No matter what your goals are after graduation, we hope you'll consider spending your summer getting outside & working with Canyonlands. 

Three Unique Experiences

We offer three unique summer experiences that are intentionally structured to create a memorable summer for you while you pursue what you're most passionate about in life.  

Working in Nature

Canyonlands Fund Internships

For Rising Juniors / Rising Seniors interested in business internships looking to prepare themselves for a career in consulting, growth marketing, private equity, or investment banking.

Marshmallows over Campfire

Canyonlands Camp
Training Program

For Rising Sophomores / Rising Juniors looking to start preparing for business internships in future summers but still want to spend their summer at camp. 


Canyonlands Quests

For Rising Seniors / recent college grads who are looking to spend their summer on the trail leading incredible adventure travel experiences.

Canyonlands Fund Internships

For those looking for business experience

Each summer, Canyonlands Fund brings on a handful of incredible interns to help with all business operations of the Fund. Potential opportunities include finance / M&A, marketing, business operations, and accounting. See below for current opportunities!

Current Opportunities: 

Click the below roles for more information and information on how to apply! 

Working at Outdoor Cafe

Canyonlands Camp Training Program

For those that want to spend their summer at camp while preparing for their future long-term career

Why should you feel like you have to sacrifice professional development just to spend an incredible summer at camp? You shouldn't! With the Canyonlands Camp Training Program you are able to get the best of both worlds - to ensure you have an incredible summer experience while also moving your professional goals forward. 

We are not currently taking applications - check back periodically for updates! 

Canyonlands Quests Guides

For those that want to lead incredible summer experiences on the trail

Coming soon!

Wood Bridge Walking
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